The Acklay is a large beast with tough, leathery skin ranging from a green to brown color. They have six limbs with hands. Each hand has four fingers; one finger on each hand is almost as large as it's body and covered in an extra-tough layer of skin. These large fingers are used to hold it off the ground, functioning somewhat like legs. They are extremely sharp and are used for killing prey. These fingers have no feeling in them, however, they are covered in small cilia (hair), which wouild feel and sensed the energy of nearby creatures. They also have razor sharp teeth and a bone plate at the top of its head. It has rough plates on its neck for protection, and its only weak point is its underbelly. It has night vision, although it is nearsighted


Acklays are carnivors, mainly eating lemnai from the oceans of Vendaxa. They are extremely aggresive, which is why they are very common arena beasts. They can see in the water and swim, since the water is their main habitat. They kill prey with there "claws", which they use to strike from a distanse.