A nexu is a feline creature with a split tail, quills on its back, and razor-sharp claws that could easily cut a human open in one swipe. It also has a wide jaw filled with sharp teeth to kill and eat its victims. They use their tail to swing from tree to tree and catch prey in the jungle planet of Cholganna. They have great agility, but lack in endurance.


Nexus use their tails and claws to climb trees, catching prey like the tree-climbing arboreal octopus and bark rats.


There are many species of nexus. These are the known species in the Star Wars world.

Forest NexuEdit

Forest nexus have a spider-like face with four eyes. They hunt using their different eyes, which can see different things, i.e. infrared. They are the most common race of nexu and were used in Arena battles.

Black NexusEdit

Black nexus are known to have better agility than forest nexus. Not much is known about this rare race, and its infamous killing ability does not help.