Reeks are brown, tough, leathery skinned beasts with the appearance of a rhinocerous, but with two extra horns jutting out of its cheeks. They have four two-toed legs and a large convex back. They also jave short, stubby tails.


Reeks are herbavors. There skin on their head and back changes color with unusual dieting.


Arena ReeksEdit

Arena reeks were fed meat, which would turn their skin a red and make them more aggresive. However, the red skin was not as hard as the brown, giving them a slight disadvantage

Ithorian ReeksEdit

Ithorian reeks have yellow skin, due to thew yellow in most plants that they eat. They are commonly used for plowing, and have addopted a larger size and more muscle, however, due to lack of competition in mating, they have exremeley short horns.

Iridonian ReeksEdit

Iridsonin reeks have are fed tons of healthy herbs and veggietables, making their skin extra tough and gray. They were encouraged to fight for mates, and have huge, long horns.

Kashyyykian ReeksEdit

Kashyyykian reeks eat a regular diet, and have normal brown skin. They are much larger and more muscular than regular reeks, and have longer, thiner horns which can sometimes inject poison.